John D. Biggins brief biographical information


Undergraduate university education at Cambridge: at Trinity Hall (1970-73): Mathematical Tripos.

Postgraduate university education at Oxford: at the Mathematical Institute and Wolfson College (1973-76)

1974 M.Sc: Main subject: Statistics. Subsidiary subjects: Probability, Functional Analysis.

1976 D.Phil: Asymptotic properties of the branching random walk

Subsequent career:

Lecturer, University of Sheffield, 1976-1992

Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield, 1993-1994

Professor, University of Sheffield, 1994 onwards


Married since 1980, with five children and two grandchildren

Here is a picture of the family: January 2012. Here is another less recent picture of my wife and I and the children: August 2006

Two of my children have web pages: John S. Biggins Physicist; Mark Biggins Musician. Two others have a baking blog.

I was ordained as a (permanent) deacon for the Catholic Diocese of Hallam in 2009 and am based in The Parish of St William of York.

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