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MSc in Statistics with Medical Applications,
MSc in Statistics with Financial Mathematics
Introductory Material 2015-16

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An introduction to the the MSc Introductory Material

Intro Week will run from 9am on 21th September 2015 to lunchtime on Friday 25th September.
The week is very full. Make sure you will arrive in time.

Background mathematics

Sketch of some background mathematics for the MSc in Statistics. Contents:

Exercises on mathematical methods. No solutions provided to these, but there will be a help session on them.

Block A: Probability and Statistical Theory

Block A notes. Contents:

Exercises on the material in Block A and some hints on the exercises.

Lists of common distributions and some relations between distributions.

Block B: Statistical Methods

Block B notes. Contents:

Exercises on the material in Block B. Solutions will be provided in due course.

Additional material

An Introduction to R: an introduction to the computer package R, written by Dr Jeremy Oakley.
There will be introductory sessions on R in Intro Week; if you would like to experiment with R before then it can be downloaded from one of the sites listed on the Comprehensive R Archive Network (the Bristol site is likely to be the best if you are in the UK).

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